Foundations of Artificial Intelligence (AA 2021-2022)

Teaching Assistant

B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Computer Science and Engineering, Prof: Francesco Amigoni and Pier Luca Lanzi, Academic year: 2021-2022, first semester, Politecnico di Milano - Campus Leonardo

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Personal Room: [Webex]

Some exercises shown during the exercise sessions [PDF]

2021/10/01 afternoon - 1 - FAI - Exercises on Uninformed Search [Link]

2021/10/01 afternoon - 2 - FAI - Exercises on Uninformed Search [Link]

2021/10/08 afternoon - FAI - Exercises on Informed Search [Link] [Slides]

2021/10/15 afternoon - FAI - Exercises on Adversarial Search [Link] [Slides]

2021/10/22 afternoon - FAI - Exercises on Reinforcement Learning [Link] [Slides] [Ex Q-Learning]

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